Parker’s, pomegranates and paints.

I’ve been living in Sydney temporarily for the past 18 months or so and one of the perks of living in the city is having access to art supply shops. Where my home is on the Mid North Coast of NSW, art supply shops are pretty scarce. Any supplies I need I have to order online. Generally, I hate shopping but a visit to a good art supply shop is pure pleasure to me.

Recently I found Parker’s Fine Art Supplies down at The Rocks in the city and it is packed to the rafters full of every single thing an artist could possibly dream of.


It was time to replenish my paper supply today so Dom and I caught the train into the city. He had his computer tucked under his arm because he needed to have his hard drive replaced. While he was at the Apple shop I waited for him down at The Rocks. I sat in the sun for a while opposite the Opera House and ‘people watched’. When the sun disappeared behind the clouds it got a bit chilly so I wandered into the Museum of Contemporary Art.

blog- art supplies3

I have to admit, some contemporary art is a little puzzling to me. Some of it I get……

blog- art supplies2

blog- art supplies

and some of it I don’t.

blog- art supplies1

While I was puzzling over this one….Dom finally found me and we moseyed on up to Parkers.

blog- art supplies5

blog- art supplies6

Uh oh…….look out, in she goes.


blog- art supplies8
There’s a little bit of heaven right there.
Even Dom enjoys himself here.
Even Dom enjoys himself here.

I found this cool stuff. It’s Art Graf Tailor’s Chalk. You can draw with it when it is dry or you can use a wet brush to apply the pigment. I bought this cool little earthy coloured set.



This is today’s efforts…… I’m a couple of hundred dollars poorer but my eagerness to paint has well and truly been restored.


When I’d finished I took Dom to Pablo and Rusty’s for lunch. A trendy inner city café with groovy food like whole roasted mushrooms, lemon ricotta, sorrel, pine nuts and poached eggs on sour dough. Sure beats an avocado and cheese sandwich at home. I had grilled asparagus, burghul wheat, Persian fetta, cucumber, Manzanilla olives and pomegranate tarator washed down with a steamy hot pot of green tea. Dom had some little fried egg number with his flat white. Those little pops of pomegranate left me wanting more. We will definitely return.


All in all, a very good day!


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